The challenge

Laithwaite’s began in 1969, when geography student Tony Laithwaite took a job washing bottles in Bordeaux and fell in love with wine and the people who make it. Today they’re the UK’s No.1 home-delivery wine merchant, with over 1,500 wines to choose from. The Laithwaite’s Wine team was looking for a solution to promote their new Wine Rewards programme online. They wanted people to see in them both the cheerful guy who washed Bordeaux bottles and the No.1 company that can deliver the product.

The solution

We proposed to create a lighthearted 60-second animated video, outlining the benefits of being a Wine Rewards remember to inspire potential customers to sign up. The video creativity had to deliver a  handcrafted and trustworthy look&feel. The illustration style played a big role in conveying specific emotions to the costumers.

We delivered two samples of styles and colour palettes to give the client a selection to choose from. Then we developed an initial script and a storyboard. This was followed by voiceover and music selection and  then the final production of the animation.

The results

The video, as per client request, was initially hosted only on their landing page. Afterwards it has been adapted for social media, both in terms of length and format and has been featured on the Sunday Time website and social media channels.

The style









Dark grey


Mid grey


The animation
The video
The storyboard