Growing a better world together

Rabobank is a socially-responsible bank, committed to making a substantial contribution towards achieving wealth and prosperity in the Netherlands and to resolving the food issue worldwide. They are focus on strengthening our customers and their communities in order to achieve these objectives.

My Role
  • Art/Creative direction
  • Design and illustration
The challenge

The theme for this year’s meeting is ‘Ramping up velocity: how digitalisation is disrupting food and agribusiness’. The experts will explore how the European food and agriculture space is changing and moving with the times, and the role digitalisation plays in this disruption.

We took a look at the previous event’s visuals (consisting mostly in pictures of the city hosting the event) and we decided to show them something completely different: some smart, minimal but colourful illustrations.

The solution

Technology is changing the food market: from online shopping (Amazon Fresh), to farming-tech (CropX), from the new way logistics is working to the food-wasting new hubs solutions.

The way we choose to represent this, was to have one of the most recognizable and representative objects of the digital era as the center of the concept. We do everything from our phone so why not transform it into the soil we’re growing our products on?