The challenge

So-sure provides a reliable insurance solution that is significantly cheaper for careful communities. The client wanted to show, through their brand and website, that they are revolutionising insurance by taking a customer-focused approach by providing them with products and services they deserve.

The solution

We run some user /focus group testing within the client’s employees and a targeted audience (age:18-35), we collected the feedbacks and we went through the same process again until we found the perfect solution.

First phase

The question we asked ourself and the client was: what make this insurance different from the others? It has been designed for people and it hasn’t been created by a huge corporation.

In our head this was a sort of revolution. But what does revolution looks like in 2018?

We avoided the usual old classic revolutionary imagery and we went for something clean, kind of newspaper/magaziney with the use of bold fonts and colours.

Option 1
Option 2

Second phase

The feedback pushed to a more illustrative look&feel so the two option went through a complete redesign. The client also pointed out the need for a broken phone on the header of the homepage to make visually clear immediately the reference to the insurance world.

Option 1
Option 2