“Storielle di cloro” is a collection of short stories. It all started because of one of my best friend (her name is Stefania) obsession for swimming pool and her extraordinary talent for writing stories about the people who surround her.


Stefania has a gift: she can create all sort of stories and you will cry. Reading her stories is a powerful experience.

That’s why, whenever I have time, I pick one of her short story and I create something.

Corsia Uno

“Da quando ha seppellito il marito all’Ernestina sono tornati a brillare i capelli e i pomodori nell’orto.” Per leggere tutta la storia pigia qui.

Lane N1

“Since Ernestina buried her husband, her hair are shining again and so are the tomatoes in the garden.” Read the full story here (Italian version only)

Corsia Due

“Qui non c’è bisogno che ridi e che parli, guardami e basta.” Per leggere tutta la storia pigia qui.

Lane 2

“Here there’s no need to laugh and talk, just look at me, that will do.” Read the full story here (Italian version only).