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I’m Federica, but you can call me Fede (or Federicca/ Federer/ Sederica according to DHL couriers, colleagues and council tax employees).

I have more than six years experience in graphic/visual design and illustration. I'm specialised in social and behaviour change communication.

I've been working with great clients across a range of different sectors, B2B, B2C and B2E, from big corporations, to government agencies to small startups.

I like reading science fiction books, listening to true crime podcasts, walking wherever my feet take me and chasing dogs and cats.

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I like to use illustration to explain the most difficult concepts. I simply love the process of turning long and tough documents into an illustration(s) or an animation. It’s amazing to see how people react and how their mind find it easier to understand and assimilate a notion. How much more attractive they might find an article or a book.

It's my passion.

I mainly do vector illustrations, but I can create specific styles for different needs and all kind of clients.